Nehemiah 2.0 Project

Over 30 years ago, God used the generosity of a community of faithful believers to build a Christian school where children could be educated on the foundation of His Word. Now He is bringing more students than ever and we have a need and opportunity to expand, which will make an even greater impact for His Kingdom. As the people did when Nehemiah called on them to build the wall of Jerusalem, we have determined to “rise up and build,” (Nehemiah 2:18), and we invite you to participate in this exciting, world-changing work. 

Ways to Give:
Online: Donate to St. Joseph Christian School (
Or by mail: 5401 Gene Field St. Joseph, MO 64506
If you have questions please contact:
Glory Fagan SJCS Director of Development
816-262-6208 5401 Gene Field Rd., St. Joseph, MO 64506 

The Need

More Christian families are seeking a truth-based education. Our enrollment has increased by 105 students, or 31%, in 3 years from 335 students in 2019 to 440 students in 2021. SJCS is at capacity in several grade levels. A biblical worldview education is vital to point students to Christ in a world that is moving further from Him every day, and we need to expand now to maximize the impact of SJCS on future generations. 

The Opportunity 

We have a great opportunity to increase our impact for God’s Kingdom by providing a biblical worldview education to more students than ever before. The Nehemiah 2.0 Project expansion will accomodate the growth the Lord is providing and allow us to enhance current programs. We hope you will prayerfully consider how God would have you participate in this wonderful opportunity! 

Since 1988, the vision of SJCS is to be a school where students flourish academically and grow in their relationship with the Lord so they can impact their world for Christ. We are maximizing academic achievement while developing Christlike character that prepares students to serve Jesus Christ and their communities. The values fostered by Christian education make an impact in our community. When students are grounded in the truth, they carry the life-changing word of Jesus Christ to their families, their workplaces and volunteer organizations, and even every corner of the world. 

Please join St. Joseph Christian School and our community partners in the Nehemiah 2.0 Project. Now is the time to renew our commitment to prioritizing Christian values in education. Imagine what your support can do as the expansion to St. Joseph Christian School comes into alignment with God’s plan!