High school students are required to volunteer in the community 40 hours before graduation and document service with the guidance office. Community Service begins the summer before their freshman year.

The majority of this is done independently, outside the school and outside school hours. Hours must also be done outside of the student’s own local church. Hours at school or church may be logged as School Volunteer or Church Volunteer hours.

A maximum of 20 Community Service hours may be earned on mission trips.

In the past, SJCS classes have participated in school-day community service days, arranged by the principal, when students spend an afternoon serving at various locations in the community. Hours from these school-sponsored community service days may be included in the required forty; however, each student is responsible for filling out a community service form.

Service Opportunities

When are forms due?

Students must submit community service forms by the last day of the semester when the service occurred. Summer service is due by the end of the first quarter.