Secondary Art is a flexible Art course allowing for all skill levels and building in successive years of instruction.  The main focus is two-dimensional (Drawing, Painting, and Design).  Printmaking and sculpture will be introduced.  These three units of study will include many lessons:

Drawing- shading techniques, contours, proportion, 1-and-2 point perspective, foreshortening, figure drawing, portraits, and still life.

Painting- color studies including monochromatic, analogous and complementary, brush techniques, for watercolor and acrylic on canvas. Students will paint a landscape from photos taken in our region.

Design- explore the elements and principles of design, study negative and positive shapes, create a tessellation, collage, abstract and non-objective designs.

Art materials to include pencil, charcoal, conte, pastels, marker, scratchboard, watercolor, acrylics, linoleum block printing, and clay sculpture.  Weekly sketchbook required and study of artists and Art History a regular part of course.