During the summer of 1999, Steve Juhl was the new sophomore at St. Joseph Christian High School. It didn’t take long for SJCS freshman Bethany German to decide that the new kid would be her future husband. Soon Steve and Bethany were inseparable. Eventually, the pair would graduate St. Joseph Christian School, and then Manhattan Christian College. In 2007, the young married couple returned to St. Joseph where Steve found employment at St. Joseph Christian School as a teacher and coach. More than a decade later Steve still works at SJCS and the high school sweethearts have four children. The two oldest Juhl children attend pre-kindergarten and kindergarten at the same school that provided the backdrop for the duo’s first meeting nearly 2 decades ago. We recently asked Steve Juhl about his continued involvement with SJCS.


More than anything else, Bethany and I desire that our kids have every opportunity to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. While the responsibility to introduce them to God falls on us as parents, we love how the school partners with us by continuing to teach and model the Gospel during school hours.

So, Christian education is worth the cost?

Absolutely! It’s all about establishing your priorities as a family. For us, knowing that we are putting our children in front of godly teachers who want nothing less than an eternity in heaven for each of our kids is priceless. We don’t know what the future holds for us financially, but as far as it depends on our ability to sacrifice for Christian education, we will continue to do so. We believe that God is pleased with our choice to send our children to SJCS and we pray that He will continue to provide a way for them to attend.

What do you like most about working at SJCS?

There is a lot to love about working at SJCS, but my favorite aspect is the camaraderie of everyone from the school board, to the administration, to the faculty and staff. Anyone who makes it to a board/faculty event, or professional development meeting will instantly recognize the unique togetherness and closeness of all involved. I love going to work each morning for many reasons, but some of the biggest reasons are the friendships I have developed with my coworkers and administrators. This harmonious environment is only possible due to the reliance of all involved upon God, and our collective commitment to train up young people in the way that they should go. (Proverbs 22:6)

What do your kids think about SJCS?

I think this video from last year sums it up . . .

And this one from this year . . .