What brought you to St. Joseph Christian School?

We came to SJCS in 2005 when our oldest daughter was in pre-k and we have been here since that time.  Growing up, we both attended public schools, but we had been praying for several years about where God would have us send our children for school.  With significant societal changes from the time we were in school, we wanted a biblical worldview taught through every subject with a quality curriculum.  (We also prayed about homeschooling but did not feel led to that option.) We didn’t want to simply “protect” our children from the world, we wanted to help prepare them to be a light for Christ in the world.  We came, truly by faith, to decide to send our children to SJCS as long as possible.  Every year since, even when it seemed impossible, God has provided a way for us to remain here.  We wouldn’t change our kids’ education at St. Joseph Christian for anything!

What makes SJCS worth the expense?

The eternal investment we have seen in our kids lives has been worth the cost.  They have not only received a stellar education but also the spiritual development and maturity that comes from being surrounded by intelligent, godly teachers who want our kids to walk with God for a lifetime.  That is Priceless!


Looking at different schools, SJCS was not only close geographically, but also had high quality teachers/administrators who we knew we could trust.  We knew several families that attended with kids older than ours as well, so we could see the difference it made in their lives.  SJCS also has great testing results (ACT/SAT, etc) and high performance athletics (i.e. state football championship runs, basketball state runs, and volleyball district championships)!   

What are some benefits of the school being K-12?

We love the fact that all six of our kids can attend the same school, have the same schedule, etc.!  When our older children were in elementary, they looked up to the older high school kids.  We were able to come to ball games and cheer for the high schoolers who actually had relationships with our elementary kids.  It immediately had a family feel.