Overview: God is the source of all truth. Man’s wisdom and knowledge come from God’s wisdom and understanding. SJCS students are discovering what God has foreordained. SJCS uses curriculum (much of which is written from a Christian perspective) that is compatible with biblical teachings. SJCS is divided by grade level, and certified teachers provide instruction in each classroom. SJCS fully meets the State of Missouri professional development criteria for teacher re-certification.

One way SJCS analyzes the effectiveness of the curriculum is by examining standardized test score results. The curriculum committee, the principal, and teachers review the test results each year and note areas where improvements can be made. Special attention is paid to the curricular area that will next be addressed on the curriculum review cycle. In addition, the curriculum committee examines state and national standards that have been developed in that curriculum area, as well as previews other school’s curriculum guides to see if content, methods, etc., need to be adjusted.

Curriculum:  Along with a strong emphasis on phonics, reading instruction at St. Joseph Christian school focuses on reading comprehension by utilizing the Foundations & Frameworks Reading Program in grades k-6. Through the use of research-based practices, such as teacher modeling, creating visual tools, participating in intensive book discussions, and drawing upon prior knowledge and schema, students are taught to think critically about what they’re reading.  We believe that the best reason for teaching students to think and analyze text while they read is so that they may better know, understand, and apply God’s Word to their lives. Curriculum at SJCS is developed and implemented by highly qualified administrators and faculty. Textbooks and published materials are chosen based on their effectiveness, appropriateness, and worldview. Curriculum at the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten levels is largely supplied by Christian publishers such as Bob Jones Press and Abeka. In grades one through six, published curriculum comes from a range of publishers including Abeka, Houghton-Mifflin, Purposeful Design (ACSI), Summit Ministries, and others. Secondary instruction also emanates from a variety of publishers including Bob Jones, Abeka, Houghton-Mifflin, Pearson, Textword Press, and others. A complete list of textbooks and publishers is available upon request from Mrs. Connie Thornton.