Scrip is a term that means “substitute money”. The SJCS SCRIP program allows our families and friends to purchase gift cards from specific stores which can be used just like cash. Dozens of stores like HyVee, Lowes, Pizza Hut, and Blockbuster participate in the SCRIP program. Each participating business donates back to SJCS a certain percentage of the scrip monies bought from their business. SJCS’s School Board has directed that our SCRIP proceeds will be used in two ways: half will be credited to the tuition account of the family who purchased the SCRIP and the other half will be used for financial assistance needs at the school.

The reason for the effectiveness of scrip is simple: families produce revenue by making purchases they would make anyway; groceries, clothing, toys, gifts, etc. Even grandparents and others outside of SJCS can use scrip – all they have to do is designate a family to receive the tuition reimbursement, or designate the entire amount to the tuition assistance fund.

Here’s how it works:

First, register online to purchase scrip:

To order, log in at the website. Place your order before 3PM on Monday and it will be delivered to the elementary office (LBO) around noon on Friday. Pay for your order and pick it up at the LBO after noon on Friday.

Click here for an order form (spreadsheet).