SJCS Saftey

Though recent school crises have brought safety issues to the forefront, statistically, school is still one of the safest environments for your child; and St. Joseph Christian School is one of the safest schools in the area. Our security system is state of the art, and emergency drills are held on a regular basis throughout the school year. All staff members are trained in emergency procedures, and administrators have trained with local law enforcement personnel.

Safety Guidelines

• Our school receptionist diligently monitors activity outside the school building during school hours. Visitors who will not give a name or do not have a viable purpose in visiting the school are not allowed to enter. All visitors are required to sign in at the school office and wear a name tag.
• In the event it becomes unsafe to remain on campus, students may be relocated to the alternate safe site at Word of Life Church (north of the school at Riverside and Cook) where parents may pick up and sign out their child(ren) when safe.
• During drills and in emergencies, staff members carry with them an emergency bag containing a student roster and first aid kit.
• If you should hear that the school is experiencing an emergency, please do not try to call your child’s cell phone. In some cases, the ringing of a cell phone could cause a catastrophe.
• Students are not allowed to leave the school building without permission during school hours.
• SJCS administration will always follow directions of local law enforcement emergency management in an emergency.

Severe/Inclement Weather

The administration will monitor threatening weather conditions. In case of a tornado threat, teachers will direct students to the Weather Safe Zone. In the event of inclement weather requiring early dismissal, parents will be notified via the OneCallNow system.

Smoke, Fire, Chemical Leak, Bomb Credible Threat

Students will be directed to evacuate the building immediately in an orderly manner under the direction of their teachers, leaving behind all belongings. Administrators will leave the building last, “sweeping” for anyone remaining in the building.

Physical Threat/Armed Intruder

ALICE – Giving students & staff permission to use their God given instinct to survive.
Alert – the existence of a threat is communicated.
Lock down – A semi-secure starting point from which survival decisions are made. If able, evacuate; if unable to evacuate, secure the room.
Inform – Use any means necessary to pass on real time information about what’s happening.
Counter – The use of simple, proactive techniques if confronted by an intruder.
Evacuate – Get away from the danger zone as quickly as possible.

Prohibition of Persons Guilty of Sex Crimes

SJCS prohibits all persons who have pled guilty or no contest to or have been convicted of and/or found guilty of sex crimes, or persons registered as sex offenders, of being on or within 500 feet of any school building, school property, school activity, or any vehicle used to transport students (Refer to Missouri State Statutes 566, 568, and 573). The school board may make rare exceptions for parents, guardians, or custodians of students enrolled in the school if the person’s presence is necessary to transport the student, may benefit the student educationally, or in situations where the parent, guardian, or custodian will be supervised at all times.

SJCS safety plans and procedures are under constant review. Updated information on safety is regularly provided to students, staff and families.