One distinction of the body of Christ is the Holy Spirit’s work in uniquely distributing gifts to each member of the Body (I Corinthians 12: 4-7, 11 NLT).

As members of Christ’s Body functioning in ministry together with administrators and teachers to “equip students to impact their world for Christ,” parents are asked to share their many and various gifts and abilities with the school in any number of ways. We simply could not do this ministry without them!

As an excellent way for families to participate in the school’s ministry, each family is asked to abide by the school’s policy to contribute and log at least twenty hours per school year in volunteer work. Examples of volunteer opportunities might include:

Examples of volunteer opportunities might include:

  • Athletic events; gate, concessions
  • Building maintenance; painting, cleaning
  • Classroom help; bulletin boards, field trips, parties, filing, etc.
  • Fine Arts Committee; choir, band, visual arts
  • Fundraising; Faith Promise Fund
  • Library; read to students, check in/out books
  • Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF); schoolwide events, staff support, elementary lunch program
  • SCRIP program
  • Snow removal/ Grounds care