School Re-Opening

As you might imagine, we have spent hours this summer prayerfully seeking wisdom about how to operate safely this school year. There is no perfect plan and with so many different opinions out there, it is impossible to please everyone. We have reviewed the latest recommendations of the CDC, state and local health departments, and various education organizations and put together a re-opening plan that will allow us to have in-person instruction while still taking precautions to help mitigate the risk of spreading the coronavirus among our students and staff. It is important to note there is no way to eliminate all risk. Parents, we thank you in advance for partnering with us this year and for diligently reading and abiding by the following plan. Details in this plan are “for the time being” and subject to change at any time as the school board and administrative team find necessary.

Learning Options
Virtual learning is available for all K-12 classes.
• Students will be able to watch lessons in real-time or watch recorded lessons.
• Zoom and FACTS Learning Management System will be the virtual learning platforms.
• Technology and academic support will be available to students throughout the day.
• Teachers will have clear expectations for students and will be assessing learning regularly.
• Families who choose virtual learning must commit to it for a minimum of one quarter, except for those who need it for extended absences due to illness or quarantine. If you are choosing virtual learning, please
email us the name(s) of your student(s) who will be participating no later than next Monday, August 10th.

In-person classes will be held for all pre-k3 through 12th grade classes with precautions in place.
• Teachers are designing classrooms to provide maximum space to accommodate physical distancing.
• Teachers will encourage students to maintain appropriate physical distance as much as possible.
• Elementary students will have special classes and recess.
• Students will have assigned seats to facilitate contact tracing if needed.
• Students in grades 2-12 will wear face masks when physical distancing is not possible.
o Secondary: in hallways, restrooms, between classes, and in some larger classes (generally over 18 students)
o Elementary: in hallways, restrooms, during dismissal, and other times as necessary
o Students will need to bring a face mask each day. We will have a limited supply on hand. Parents, you can help by reminding your student that wearing a mask can help keep everyone healthy so we can continue to have school in-person. Also, remind them that they will only need to wear them during certain times, not all day. For more information about mask, including tips for proper usage, please see this website:
• Faculty and staff will wear face masks when physical distancing is not possible.
• Materials will not be shared so all supplies should be marked with the student’s name (pencils, crayons, etc.)

Cleaning and Sanitation
• A more rigorous cleaning schedule has been adopted and custodial staff has been increased to provide for
improved cleanliness in our facility.
• A new cleaning system and machine have been purchased to improve cleaning and sanitation practices.
• All teachers/staff will be trained to utilize cleaning systems correctly.
• Students will be trained in proper hand-washing/hygiene procedures.
• Hand sanitizer stations have been added throughout the building.
• Water fountains will only be used to refill personal water bottles that students bring from home.
• Early education classes will be vigilant about cleaning and sanitizing learning centers and toys regularly.

Arrival, dismissal, attendance
Morning drop-off procedures will remain as they are, but we will have someone at each door to take student and
staff temperatures.
Dismissal procedures for parents will not change but for elementary students, we will change the way we line up to
exit the building to include more physical distancing.
Attendance—parents, we want to do all we can to keep everyone safe and healthy at school, and this is an area
where we are counting on you to partner with us Here’s how you can help:
• Please keep your child home if they have a temperature of 100.4 degrees or above, or if they have a sore
throat or persistent coughing or sneezing.
• Students who have been absent for illness must be fever free without medication for 48 hours before returning.
• Our goal is HEALTHY attendance; no perfect attendance awards will be given this year.

• All students will eat in their classroom. Secondary will be assigned to a classroom for lunch.
• Both elementary and secondary students must bring a lunch from home.
• Our incredible Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) is discussing possibilities for offering lunches to buy (pizza for
example) for both elementary and secondary students. Watch for those details coming after Labor Day.
• Elementary students may still purchase milk.

Visitors will be limited, including parents
• If you must bring a forgotten item for your student, you will be asked to enter through the main office entrance
(door #2) and leave it at the office.
• There is no admittance through other outside doors during the school day.
• Students may not have lunch guests for now.

COVID-19 case on campus?
Realistically, it is likely we will have a case of COVID-19 on campus at some point. When that happens, the
administration will:
• Isolate any student who becomes ill during the day until they can be picked up.
• Maintain confidentiality and ask parents and students to demonstrate compassion and respect for the
individual by refraining from speculation or gossip.
• Contact the health department and follow their direction, including contact tracing.
• Clean and sanitize areas the individual has been in.
• Notify parents of students who were “close contacts” by email, as appropriate.