Cisco Academy is an international organization developed to help build a workforce of qualified, problem-solvers who know how to use transforming technologies and expert digital skills to change the world. Coupled with St. Joseph Christian School’s mission to provide students with a biblically-based educational program that strives for excellence, students are becoming equipped to impact the world for Jesus Christ through technology and networking.

High school students have the opportunity to take Information Technology (IT) courses in fields such as Cyber security, Internet of Things, Linux, Programming and more! Most courses are delivered online and are facilitated by qualified staff who possess certifications in various fields of IT. A few courses require face-to-face interaction in on-campus labs. Many courses will prepare students to take exams for professional certifications* while some are offered as dual credit for college hours.** All courses will emanate from a Christian worldview and will be tailored to include the biblical foundation for teaching and using technology skills.

Current Course Offerings:

IT Fundamentals / Get Connected

1 semester (dual credit). Student will take the CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification exam in class.

Internet of Things (IoT)

2 semesters.  First semester will deal with topics such as Cybersecurity, Be Your Own Boss, Packet Tracer simulator, Entrepreneurship, and Introduction to Internet of Things.  Second semester will dive in to more advanced labs and simulations with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.  Second semester will require the purchase of a lab kit (which can either be shared between two students, or each student can purchase his/her own).


3 semesters.  First semester is an introduction to the Linux operating system, command line, and open source concepts.  This course aligns with Linux Professional Institute’s (LPI) Linux Essentials certification.  Second semester, which can be taken for dual credit, goes deeper into Linux maintenance tasks, and configuration.  Third semester, is the most advanced and prepares students for LPI’s Linux Administrator and CompTIA’s Linux+ certifications.


2 semesters.  First semester, Programming in C++, may be taken for dual credit.  Students will complete coding tasks and learn the fundamental notion and techniques for object-oriented programming.  This semester aligns with the C++ Certified Associate Programmer certification.  The second semester is the advanced C++ course and is also offered for dual credit. This course teaches topics like templates, functions, classes, and methods and prepares students for the C++ Certified Professional Programmer certification.

*Certification exams belong to the credentialing body (C++ Institute, LPI, CompTIA, etc.) and require the purchase of an exam voucher.  Prices of exams vary and are paid by the students.  Certification exams are optional; however, students who pass a course’s associated exam will be excused from and will receive a grade of 100% for the course’s final exam.  Students must provide proof of a completed certification exam prior to the scheduled date of the final to receive exemption and a 100% grade.  Score incentive is only for the final exam, and not the entire course.

**Dual credit is offered by Metropolitan Community College’s School of Business and Technology and requires enrollment and payment prior to the start of class to be counted for college credit. Visit MCC’s Dual Credit site for rules and procedures.